While all politicians claim to want clean, safe water their actions speak loader then words. We have not been told the truth about the ground water contamination in our district. My opponent has ignored the problem for to many years. She has ignored the homeless crises and the human waste that is poisoning our rivers and streams. We have the tools to provide safe clean water to our community and I have the will to use them.


Parents have the right to choose Charter Schools, Private Schools, and Homeschooling. I oppose Common Core standards that try to force a one-size-fits-all approach to educating our children. I believe schools are a place for children to learn to read, to write and express themselves. Our schools have become breeding ground for socialism and liberal agendas. It is long overdue that schools go back to basics to guarantee our children opportunities for a better life and to effectively compete against foreign workers.


Our seniors like our children are a valuable resource. The wisdom and experience they offer can no longer be ignored or taken for granted. In my career in real estate I see firsthand how seniors are forced to choose between having a home to live in while sacrificing food and medicine. They are treated like pawns to use to maintain power. I pledge to help my elders keep their homes and have the ability to stay independent and afford food and medicines. It is our obligation to care for our seniors while preserving their dignity.


We must reduce our dependence on foreign oil by tapping into our national gas reserves, which are the largest in the world. We must fund water projects that store water and produce clean reliable energy. We must end the chokehold of corrupt utility commission that ignores our infrastructure causing prescribed blackouts, skyrocketing energy costs and deadly wildfires.


I am a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights. Our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is absolute. I oppose liberals’ efforts to create a national gun registry and any other anti-gun legislation that erodes our gun rights. The Constitution does not limit or offer exceptions. Our Right to Keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.


When elected I will work hard to improve our educational system, create good-paying jobs while protecting the environment, our freedoms, and bring common sense to Washington

I pledge to hold Washington accountable and fight to end the childish games. I intend go to work every day to ensure hard-working Americans that someone is providing aggressive oversight to both the bureaucrats and politicians in D.C. I will fight to stop the out of control borrowing and spending that is bankrupting Social Security.

Because of my aggressive nature I expect to be an effective voice, and a major target of the Left and most Washington special interests groups.

Unlike my opponent I will be available to my community to listen to your concerns. You will know who I am, You will see me active in our community when congress is not in session.