Good Morning Sacramento better yet good morning Calfironia, foremost thank you all for coming out here. In case you didn’t know, let us start off with our new t-shirts that say “Bish Please”.

I want you to stop this morning and talk about all the positive things all these people coming together in unity and in love we’re not here to judge we’re here to walk away. Embrace a new future! We’re not lying down by watching the poles or the negativity in the news. We are coming here cause we know the truth! The truth that we are free free to stand here on the steps of this capital and speak out. We won’t be silenced by mass or media or segregation. We see people from everywhere I learned earlier there’s a couple here from Korea.

We have people here that been a long time in a political party. It’s not about your political assignment or the check mark that they gave you, or that you gave yourself. It’s about the freedom in your heart embracing patriotism! It doesn’t matter what political party you are as long as you are American! I asked you all to embrace the walk away spirit, embrace your patriotism. Don’t be afraid to fly the American flag or stand for national anthem. When they shout us down for these things they are silencing us. It is a brave souls are here today that will stand for the flag, stand for our country, and in the end we’re going to stand for our president or four more four more years!

Of course I have to give a little pitch. The President needs me. So remember everyone “Send a Bish to Congress”